Jeffery Volosin- A Multi Sports Player

Jeffery Volosin born in New Jersey has always been enthusiastic and passionate about sports since his childhood. Jeffery was a very valuable sports person in his high school swimming and water polo teams. Jeffery’s achievements in sports helped him to become popular among his mates in City College, where he swam and played water polo for 2 years. Later in 2011 Mr. Volosin received a scholarship in Cleveland, Ohio from Notre Dame College. In 2009 he became a lifeguard.

Jeffery is a great sports lover and he grew up playing water polo. Jeffery played water polo for 12 years and turn out to be an excellent water polo coach. Jeffery not only loves water sports, but is a huge fan of NFL football as well as Baseball and he supporM2edaLuqts two teams of Baseball namely, Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians.

Jeffery loves adventure, sports activities, other activities, enjoy going to beaches and plays Body Surfing. For Jeffery, Body Surfing is an amazing new experience of riding a wave as long as he could wish for. He spends lots of his time at the beach. Jeffery has a keen interest in Bike Riding. Jeffrey enjoys going for bike riding with a group of his friends to taste the real fun and pleasure.

Jeffery is a socially active person, a party animal who loves to interact with his friends and waits for Taco Tuesday every week. He enjoys tacos and drinks while catching up with his friends at his few favorite local places.

Jeffery Volosin owns an embroidery business which he runs part time along with his family. To join him and know more about him. Follow the links-


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